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Welcome to the official site of Flag Hoops AAU Basketball club.

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Flagstaff Hoops is an AAU Club Basketball program for High School aged boys and girls
For 2015 we have improved policies and procedures for the benefit of the athletes and coaches.
Our goal - The outcome of the athlete is more important than the outcome of the game. 
2016 Season

THE SEASON IS HERE!!  The initial meeting has happened, but we are still looking for High School aged, experienced GIRLS and 14U BOYS who are competitive, serious and committed. Please access our Registration page to complete the necessary forms and for further information.  

Upcoming  Events

Interested in playing basketball when Flaghoops is not in season?
Flag Hoops Mission
The Flagstaff Hoops Basketball Club focuses on player development, fundamentals, and strength training as well as taking players to the next level. We believe winning will take care of itself, if the Club does what it is supposed to do, which is teach, develop and show each player a path to become the best they can be.  Flag Hoops plays a Spring and Summer season. 






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Administrative questions:


Maura Armus

Fax number:  928-779-9424 
Address:  PO Box 548
               Flagstaff, AZ 86002-0548

E-mail address: 

League President (Danny Neal):  928-853-1683