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Welcome to the official site of Flag Hoops AAU Basketball club.

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                                                       Flagstaff Hoops Mission 
To provide AAU Team and tournament opportunities for Flagstaff area players. 
Our goal:
To consistently provide a focused, structured learning environment while instilling passion, work ethic, and skill to our basketball teams.  We look for players who are committed, play hard, want to enhance their skills, play aggressive and like to compete against high-quality competition.  We emphasize individual player development, team play, conditioning, long-term friendships and sportsmanship. 
Administrative Stuff:

Player Commitment
Flagstaff Hoops Basketball season starts in April and continues until the beginning of August after AAU Nationals.  Spring is the time for AAU competitive tournaments, therefore we expect our players to attend up to (2) practices a week, and all league and competitive tournament games. 
Coaches, Practice Facility, and Frequently Asked Questions under construction 
2014 Elevation (5th Grade) Team and Tourney Photos
2014 AAU Arizona Tourney Champs and Runner-ups!
The second grade team recently took it all:
The third grade team made runner-ups: