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Welcome to the official site of Flag Hoops AAU Basketball club.

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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.
Q:  What is a Competitive/Development Team? 
A:  Competitive Teams consist of players who have passion for the game of basketball and want to improve on their skills.  This Club gives our players the ability to do just that, by surrounding them with top coaches and other very talented players.  Our AAU teams travel primarily between Arizona and California and play against some of the best teams, players and coaches around.
Q:  What is my financial commitment?
A:  Flagstaff Hoops has a Club fee of $75 which pays for the player's uniform, court rentals, AAU insurance, website maintenance and more.  An AAU membership, currently $14 annually, is also required.  After the Club Fee is paid, each team operates as a pay-as-you-go philosophy.  Each team will participate in different tournaments, mostly either in the Phoenix area, Flagstaff, and possibly one or more out of state events.  The total cost of each event is divided by the number of players on the team.  A typical tournament costs around $300.  The Club has also developed a way to offset your player's Club fee by developing a corporate sponsors model where you can raise money by going out to the community and ask local establishments to sponsor the Club.  This has been very successful for many of our families and a great way to pay little or nothing to play at the highest level of youth competition. Many tournaments will involve travel to and overnight stays from either Friday or Saturday through Sunday.  All travel costs are to be paid by the player. 
Q:  How often are practices and how long do they last?
A:  Most teams will practice a minimum of once a week and practices usually last approximately 2 hours.  Players are also expected to work on individual shooting skills between practices and tournaments. 
Q:  Where are practices held? 
A:  Most practices will be held in the Flagstaff High School Gym located at 411 West Elm Ave.  -- or -- Sinagua Middle School located at 3950 E. Butler Ave.
Q:  How often do they travel? 
A:  It depends on how many tournaments each team decides to enter.  They can enter as many or few tournaments as they choose.  See our list of tournaments and their locations at our tournaments list link